1.60 Aspheric Clear

Learn more about Opti-Pal’s Finished Single Vision 1.60 Aspheric Clear Armoraa, its features, advantages and benefits below. Made ready-to-order in a wide range of optical powers.


1.60 Mid index material

Hydrophobic Layer

Armoraa Anti Reflection Coating

Scratch- Resistant Coating

Anti-Static Layer

Aspheric Lens Design
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  • 24% lighter than regular 1.5 index, 29% thinner than regular 1.5 index, Flatter lens
  • Reduced aberrations and distortion, Thinner, flatter lenses, wider optical zone
  • Reduces unwanted reflections
  • Reduces damage in every day use
  • Reduces dust deposition
  • Reduces water droplet formation
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Breakage resistant, easy to use
  • Sharper, clearer vision, especially in high powers
  • Cosmetically attractive, fit well on spectacle frames
  • Wide fields of view throughout the lens for the user
  • Clearer, Unobstructed Vision
  • Longer lens life
  • Easy to clean
  • Unobstructed Vision